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Women's issues need to be addressed

Children are Precious



I am dedicated to making Albuquerque safe so we can attract more businesses to our community. The violent crime rate is out of control with serious drug, gang, property, and violent crime issues which are literally killing Albuquerque's chances for economic growth. Due to inadequate staffing, police officers are working in a reactive environment, they are working hard to answer calls as they come in and have little if any opportunity to be proactive.


A safe city will attract businesses to come to Albuquerque, which will create more jobs for our families and make Albuquerque a better place for our children to thrive. I will be a Mayor that helps small business and startups grow. Albuquerque’s demographics can support businesses like technology, healthcare, and manufacturing.


A Mayor provides many critical services to the community they serve, police, fire/rescue, transit, permits, licensing, 311 to name a few. City services must work cooperatively with the citizens they serve. I will be a Mayor that will work to provide Albuquerque the very best of those services.


I desire to be the Mayor of Albuquerque because I believe in accountability, integrity, responsibility and using your life to make a difference in other people's lives. This is truly public service. A prayer that my family always prays is asking the Lord to place us in situations where He can use us. I believe most of us desire to be of service as there is no greater reward than to have helped someone in your day. It brings us joy. It brings us happiness.

As a native of this great city, I have learned that we are like family. I attended Saint Mary's, Valley High School, and the local campus of Wayland Baptist University. As a retired APD police woman, who was patrolling the streets by the age of 22 and then a detective working violent crimes, I believe in providing safety and security for the families, children and visitors of Albuquerque.

I also bring a unique statewide perspective on issues affecting New Mexicans. During my tenure as the Chief of Staff at the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office I worked on such projects as legislation against child predators and human traffickers, as well as overseeing agency grants, budget review, hiring, and training.

All of these experiences, with their challenges and successes, have helped prepare me to be an experienced leader for this city. I will be a Mayor who is technology oriented, while recognizing that some of our population have difficulty navigating web based platforms, I will ensure that our multi-generational centers and senior centers will provide assistance in utilizing and learning new technology.

I believe in change when necessary. I believe that BIG change is possible and I have even been part of several big “FIRSTS” that brought about major positive changes for our communities.

  • Like helping get the FIRST anti-human trafficking law through state legislature.
  • Like starting the FIRST anti-Methamphetamine education campaign across New Mexico.
  • Like organizing the FIRST Prescription Drug Summit in New Mexico.
  • Like being the FIRST city in NM to get an indictment on DNA of an unknown rapist. Because of that indictment, that rapist is serving a 276-year sentence.

Let’s make some new FIRSTS for Albuquerque. Let’s:

  • Build the FIRST human trafficking shelter in Albuquerque for our young and vulnerable.
  • Build the FIRST Multipurpose Arena in downtown Albuquerque.
  • In collaboration with our local Labs, let’s be the first to develop a technology pipe line from the Labs to partner with entrepreneurs in Albuquerque and create more jobs for our community.
  • Elect the FIRST WOMAN MAYOR and inspire young women to reach for their dreams!

I'm a daughter of a United States Marine and a mother of a United States Army soldier serving at Fort Carson with a Special Forces Unit. I will be a Mayor that cares deeply about Veterans.

My leadership will bring new vision for Albuquerque. My vision is to make Albuquerque safe again. My vision is to create more opportunities for people to follow and live out their dreams. My vision is to have an efficient and honest government to serve all residents of Albuquerque.


  • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education from Wayland Baptist University
  • Ordained Senior Chaplain, International Federation of Chaplains
  • Blue Star Mother
  • Subcommittee on Human Trafficking and Our Youth
  • Intimate Partner Death Review Team Chair (former member and chair)
  • Child Fatality Review Team (former member)
  • Joint Terrorism Task Force (former member)
  • Being married to my husband, Earl Holmes and raising five amazing children.
  • Being a part of bringing to justice the “Ether Man Rapist”, Robert Howard Bruce. We made history indicting his DNA. He is now serving a 276-year sentence.
  • Born and raised in Albuquerque.
  • Having the opportunity to serve as the


I’m pro-life because life is precious, children are precious. Mothers need support and education from the moment a baby is conceived. Each and every baby should be wanted, these are children, they are someone’s son, someone’s daughter. I have a strong faith and belief system that tells me we cannot separate our faith and ideological beliefs on this issue. My faith guides me to have mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and to care for the most vulnerable. Life is precious.

We must be more united within the pro-life movement, within our communities, within our churches, and within government. We need to make a positive difference in the lives of all of the children, mothers and fathers. I am saddened and troubled that our city of Albuquerque has the reputation of being the “abortion capital of the southwest” and “the late term abortion capital of the United States.”

43 states across our country have enacted bans on late term abortion and well over 70% of Americans across the country believe late term abortion should be banned. New Mexico is the least restrictive abortion state in the country and because of that people come from all over the world, especially surrounding states to obtain late term abortions, even up to the day of birth.

As Mayor, I will provide oversight over abortion businesses within the city of Albuquerque in order to ensure that these clinics meet the maximum acceptable business and health standards. I will also call upon our state leaders to stand strong for New Mexico families like the other 43 states and call for a ban on late term abortion for our state.

Early this year, I stood up and spoke out at a press conference about a United States Congressional Inquiry involving violations of laws in our city. The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office received the 300-page United States Congressional inquiry last year from Washington D.C. reporting violations of laws in our community involving the research of fetal tissue and organs. I expressed that New Mexico Attorney General Balderas needed to act quickly on the cases presented to him that came out of that inquiry, as they all faced a diminishing time limit for prosecution of these specific violations.

The inquiry provided overwhelming evidence for the Attorney General Balderas to conduct a full investigation. Since receipt of the investigation, the opportunity for over 80 possible cases to be prosecuted has expired. Women and children in our city lost their opportunity for justice. So far, the Attorney General Balderas has not moved forward, effectively allowing these cases to go unprosecuted and eliminated as if they never existed.

This congressional evidence affects hundreds of our New Mexico families. I will continue to speak up for injustice in our city. We should always stay vigilant to ensure families, women and children in our community are protected and justice is served.

-Michelle Garcia Holmes